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Why choose Naturstar products?


1. We have developed our products by mixing traditional experience with the research results of the 21st century.

2. Health is natural. We offer our customers herbal products of natural origin and proven effect, without any side-effects.

3. We are using active agents of natural origin only.

4. Our products contain raw materials and active agents of pharmacopeia quality.

5. We apply the strictest production regulations during manufacturing.

6. Warranting product safety, the product information folders guarantee steady and long-lasting quality in a manner that they are continuously updated to follow legal requirements.

7. We ensure appropriate active agent content to achieve optimum effect.

8. Our products offer our customers the best price-to-value ratio in the market.

9. Our products are made by Hungarian-owned undertaking in Hungary. We thank our retail partners and customers for supporting Hungarian workplaces through buying the products.

10. When selecting packaging, we prefer nature-conscious solutions and we do not use aluminium for manufacturing tubes.

11. On the packaging, we featured fast, effective and clear information to our customers.

12. We are not using metal clips for making the tea bags to avoid dissolution of heavy metals in the tea water and allow the tea bag to be warmed also in microwave oven.

13. When defining the volume of our products, we allowed for the customers’ needs, thus decreasing the load on the nature of packaging materials caused by unnecessary purchases.

14. We ensure our customers the origin of the products and safe use until the best before date.

15. Observing the interests of disadvantaged fellow-beings, we placed Braille codes on our products to support gathering information – uniqueness in the category of our products.

16. To achieve brand loyalty, we organise a „Natural gift” point collection campaign to our customers.

17. The customers buying our products will not only receive a product but, rather, information and experience necessary to developing health-conscious lifestyle.
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