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Company History

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NATURSTAR Kft. is a newcomer in the market of herbal products. Nevertheless, we are proud of that the majority of our professional team has over two decades experience in this area.

Similar to other areas, everything has changed from the 1990s to nowadays in the regulatory areas of herbs and the products made of them. This was the period when our staff members acquired their professional knowledge and got hardened against the always changing professional and legal environment.

Our company is committed to preserving and using the knowledge obtained of the Hungarian herbal treasure. This undertaking was brought to life by this effort.

All of us notice that the topic is touching us if it is about health and herbs. We are not speaking of mystic or remote things. To the contrary, each of us knows some herbs and what they are good for! We experience that those showing interest include more and more young persons and not only persons of our grandmother’s age.

Naturstar Kft. is headquartered in Kimle (Hungary), a settlement in the Szigetköz. During the past centuries, the life of the people living here has embraced with nature due to the might of water. They have learned to respect its power, to adapt to and live together with it.

Based on the knowledge gathered by our ancestors, the objective of the undertaking is to develop and distribute products comprising herbs and to make our customers better know these mild medicines for preserving their health.

We thank our staff, professionals, chemists and consultants for that they contributed to our undertaking with encouraging support and generous work!

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Naturstar Kft.
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